International Themed Electives

Art Electives 2017-2018

Quarter 1

K/1: 2-D/3-D 

We will draw, paint, print, sculpt and work in clay looking at the work of international artists as inspiration. Students will recognize how visual arts are used in customs and traditions of different cultures.

2/3: German Art

Germany is a treasure trove of colorful and inventive artists from the 1920s to now. We will look at Josef Albers, Joseph Beuys, Kurt Schwitters, Gerhard Richter, Georg Baselitz, Anselm Kiefer, Paul Klee, Emil Nolde, Hans Arp, Thomas Struth, and Bauhaus architecture and graphic design. We will identify themes of masters works and classify artists, styles and movements.
4/5: Rivers, Oceans, and Lakes 

This class will explore bodies of water around the world and the life they sustain through art projects. We will also analyze the effect of the geographic location and physical environment on the media and subject matter of North American artists.

Quarter 2
K/1:Flora Fauna and Fungi

Plants, animals and fungus are explored in particular times and places around our Earth through a variety of art media of natural and human-made resources.
2/3: The Top and the Bottom of the World

We will visit the Arctic and Antarctic, Canada, Greenland, Siberia, Mongolia, Scandinavia, Patagonia, and New Zealand, investigating the people, animals and these exotic landscapes with a variety of art materials. We will compare and exemplify art representing the heritage, customs and traditions from various cultures.
4/5:Creative Carolina

Students will study through art, the history, geography, landmarks, and culture of our state and draw comparisons and influences of other countries. We will explain how place and time influence ideas, issues and themes found in art.

Third Quarter
 K/1 The World Around Us

 Students will connect art with literature and social studies by doing projects based on children’s books from Brooklyn and the Bronx to Britain and Brittany. They will connect art with math and science using weaving, patterns, counting and we will design playgrounds, gardens and robots. We will look at examples from different countries.


2/3 A Taste for Texture

 Students will study and create art that has texture, such as paper bas relief sculpture, Chinese tangrams, collograph printing, Gees Bend fabric collage quilts, plant prints, outdoor rubbings, magazine weaving and textured painting, gaining inspiration from international resources.


4/5 Where in the World

Students will look at art and using visual clues will try to identify what country the artist is from. They will then create art inspired by each artist and we will learn about their cultures along the way.

 Fourth Quarter

 K/1One Two Three: What Do We See?               

 We will study and be inspired by world cultures through the art of Mexico, Egypt, India, China, Africa and Scotland. Students will look at architecture from Spain, Asia, the United States and Brazil and invent their own designs.


2/3 The Story of Art

 We will look at art history and make art inspired by history from Lascaux/Australia/American Indian cave paintings through Islamic art, African art, early renaissance art in Italy through Matisse, New Yorker cartoons, 50’s American abstract Expressionism to more recent environmental and word art.


4/5 Take a Look at My Book

 Book Making in this class encompasses, book cover design, accordion books, folded books, sewn art journals with recycled covers, pop up books, an alphabet book, exquisite corps class book, and a Best Part of Me photography class book.



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